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Fun Under the Sun: Colocation in Miami, FL

Posted by QuoteColo on May 05, 2014 - Updated on May 02, 2014

fun in the sun colocation in miami fl

Miami is the city of eternal nightlife, neon buzzing signs, Lebron James and beach bodies. If we are honest, most people move to Miami, FL because of the weather, the nightlife and the Cuban inspired culture. Miami, FL is an excellent place to live. This said, what happens if you do business in Miami, FL and you need a data center for all your web hosting and colocation needs?

Well, even though you might be left wondering about hurricanes and rising seawater, Miami, FL offers a wide variety of colocation providers to match your needs.

Miami, FL Data Center Location Matters

We can’t say this enough, the physical location of your colocation data center in Miami, FL matters. We say this because unlike vacationers, when it comes to data center web hosting, have a beach side ocean view isn’t the best idea. Sure, the views are pretty from the beach however with Miami, FL taking on multiple hurricanes every year and with the city being built just six feet above the Atlantic Ocean, it should come as no surprise that flooding is a major concern with Miami, FL colocation facilities.

For this reason, it is a smart idea to collocate with a web hosting facility located off the coast of Florida. Luckily for you, the web hosting client, in Miami central there are ten colocation facilities located in the interior of the MagicCity. From FurtureHosting located at 11234 NW 20th Street, to the AT&T Data Center located at 444 Northwest 79th Avenue to the FortaTrust Dural Data Center located at 3701 NW 82 Avenue, Miami, FL offers a wide variety of “inland” data centers that meet your colocation, Cloud hosting, managed service providers and shared hosting needs. To see a more complete list of Miami colocation data centers, click here.

Likewise, the MagicCity also offers roughly 20 data centers with beach front locations. For those web hosting clients who love the beach and downtown Miami, the city you’re your back with data center providers ranging from LocaWeb to Volico to Terremark etc. But again, it might be smart for a city view as opposed to a white cap view.

Killer Backup Plans

While the possibility of rising waters and hurricanes might drive a chill up your spine, precisely because of these real natural threats, most Miami, FL data center providers maintain industry leading redundant power, cooling and data backup plans.

The truth is no one wants a hurricane to power ashore crippling local infrastructure and knocking out the data centers that power local businesses. However, because hurricanes are a real threat, most data center providers in Miami, FL – like Equinix and Telx – supply clients with some of the best backup plans in the world. Offering multiple levels of redundancy geographically varied redundant data center facilities and redundant offsite data storage/uptime services, Miami, FL colocation facilities offer industry leading backup plans.

The Price of Power

Another major reason why finding a Miami, FL colocation host is excellent for your business bottom dollar is due to the price of power within the Miami, FL metro area as opposed to other major cities on the Eastern seaboard. When compared to power costs for colocation facilities in New York City, WashingtonD.C. and Boston, Miami, FL is more affordable.

The lower cost of power in Miami, FL as compared to the aforementioned cities means businesses and private consumers can spend more on web hosting services and have more power with their funds. This means higher tier of service, stronger providers and more powerful Cloud servers.

So, is Miami, FL colocation fun under the sun? You bet your butt it is. Just take it from us, if you decide to collocate in Miami, bring some sun screen and water because there is no way you will be installing servers all day.

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