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Private Cage Colocation

Posted by QuoteColo on September 08, 2012 - Updated on October 06, 2017

Data centers offer Colocation  services  in a variety of different options. Some data center facilities offer open shared rack space for clients just looking for to colocate a server or two. These open racks typically reside in a cage environment that are accessible by many different clients. Along with shared space, data centers also offer secure cabinet space in the form of secure half or full cabinets. These secure cabinet spaces have locks on both the front and back of the cabinets. Only the client and data center personnel have access to them. Other data centers offer private cage colocation. These spaces are typically populated with 2, 4, 6 or 8 racks or cabinets. Most data centers will also offer custom private cage colocation that are built on the clients specs for both space, power and cooling requirements. In this article, we will discuss the general characteristics and benefits of private cage colocation….

Private cage space is the best option for clients who are looking for the highest level of physical security. Since your gear will reside in a private setting behind a lock and cage, this is the most secure option within a data center environment. Only your designated IT personnel and certain data center technicians will have access to your private cage.  Clients are allowed to bring in their own racks or cabinets or they can just use the racks available from the data center. Most of our clients prefer to “roll in” their own populated cabinets which saves them time and effort instead of  having to “rack and stack” their gear all over again at the data center.

Along with the extra layer of security, caged space gives the end client more freedom and “elbow room.”  There is typically ample room to store servers and equipment not in use. Some clients will bring in chairs and desk for their IT admins to use. Others clients bring in their own monitors and “crash carts.” Some security sensitive clients will add additional security measure to their private cage like additional locks, 24×7 security cameras and visual barriers.

Flexible cooling options are also are major advantage when choosing a private cage. Today, more and more companies are running high powered VMWare and per U servers. With the additional power usage, cooling the equipment becomes critical. Since most data centers offer raised floor environments, data center engineers can determine your specific cooling requirements and add additional capacity where it is needed.

Most of the well known Telecom providers like ATT, Verizon, and CenturyLink all offer private cage space for their colocation clients. Using a colocation broker service will help you find other options in your requested geographic area.




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