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Benefits of a New Jersey Colocation Data Center

Posted by QuoteColo on June 14, 2013 - Updated on April 15, 2020

First of all, let’s define a “New Jersey colocation data center.” For this article, a colocation data center is a secure and redundant location  in which a colocation or telecom provider leases space, power and bandwidth to a client who needs a place to house their servers and other critical IT infrastructure. In this post, we will review the general benefits of using a colocation data center and more specifically the benefits of using a New Jersey Colocation Data Center.

1) General Benefits – Outsourcing your IT infrastructure to a colocation vendor offers a wide variety of benefits. For most companies, it is more cost-effective than building your own internal data center. Using a colocation data center allows a client to take advantage of economies of scale in regards to floor/rack  space, power and bandwidth. Clients also benefit from a higher level of physical and network security along with the ability to meet industry compliance standards like SSAE16 and HIPPA.

2) Safer than NYC – Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City data centers. Most New Jersey Data Centers didn’t miss a beat.  Enterprise colocation providers like IO, Net Access and Quality Technology in northern NJ all weathered the storm with 100% uptime while many New York City data centers suffered downtime. NYC colocation providers at popular locations like 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson were flooded and customers were down for 24+ hours! If 100% uptime is critical for your online business, New Jersey is a better option than NYC!

3) More options than NYC – Over the last ten years, New Jersey has seen a tremendous growth in data center space in both the retail and wholesale markets. New Jersey is one of the most active data center markets in the country because of its proximity to NYC and the growing amount of enterprise and data centric companies based in the Garden State! Clients looking for per U, partial racks, full cabinets and private cages have a tremendous amount of options. NYC has several traditional locations in Manhattan and downtown but very few new data center locations when compared to NJ.

4) Cheaper than most other Northeast data center locations – When compared to NYC and other major Northeast cities like Boston, northern NJ offers better price options. With all the added competition and new facilities being brought online every year, colocation pricing in NJ tends to be 10-15% less than in NYC and Boston. Single per U server colocation with 10Mbps pricing starts at $100 a month while full secure cabinet colocation with 10Mbps starts at $1000 a month.


Sure it is very convenient to have a data center a couple blocks down the street from you in NYC but “cross your fingers” when the next Hurricane starts to head up the Eastern seaboard. If you require 100% uptime for your IT infrastructure, look at options over the bridge. In the long run, you will save money and have “peace of mind.”

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