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Cloud Sherpas Offers Guidance in Today’s Cloud World

Posted by QuoteColo on August 25, 2014 - Updated on August 26, 2014

Cloud Sherpas Offers Guidance in Today's Cloud World

The term “sales cloud” is becoming quite popular today. Many companies are choosing to use the cloud as a means to assist with many areas of their business, and it becomes very important to find the right type of program. The goal of Cloud Sherpas is simply to help companies and organizations of different types and sizes to adopt the cloud solution, to enhance the cloud, and to manage their systems. They want to make using the cloud as simple as possible.

Is the Cloud Right For You? What Type of Cloud Service? 

Even though it has been around for a few years, the cloud still raises a number of questions among many people and businesses. They do not know whether the cloud is something they should use or need to use, and they do not always realize that the term cloud actually means different things. Thus, it becomes hard to understand whether a business will really need cloud services.

Cloud Sherpas can help people to understand the cloud as well as how it might be able to help their business. The following are some of the areas where they offer advisory services, as well as implementation. In addition to advising companies on the benefits of the cloud and the different options, they have partners, such as Google, Salesforce, and ServiceNow to provide customers with the services they need.

At its core, the cloud is able to offer three basic types of service based on the needs of different companies and individuals. They offer infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service. Each of these is different in what it can offer, and company’s such as Cloud Sherpas helps businesses understand what they need.

Infrastructure as a service allows companies to manage their data, operating system, services, and more through remote sources, thus reducing the need for as many onsite IT personnel. Some companies that offer this include Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace. With platform as a service, companies are able to rent network capacity, space, and operating systems over the web. One of the most popular and most prevalent types of services out there today is software as a service.

Benefitting from Software as a Service from Cloud Sherpas Partners

One of the areas of the cloud that many companies are utilizing today is software as a service, sometimes called on demand service. A business is able to get access to a piece of software that’s in the cloud. They will generally have subscription fees to use the service. Adobe’s software is one of the most commonly presented options, but companies such as SalesForce and Google offer this as well.

One of the benefits of using the service is the fact that it removes the cost of managing software updates, patches, and other admin duties that would normally fall to the IT department. By reducing the amount of effort and money the business needs to expend for simple software maintenance, they can focus on other things, such as growing their brand.

Cloud Sherpas has been helping companies work with cloud companies offering various types of software as a service for just this reason.

Areas of Expertise

Where can Cloud Sherpa advise you about your company’s need to use cloud services? They have experience working in a host of different areas when it comes to the cloud, and they can advise businesses in all of these areas. Some of these include:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Service and Call Center Automation
  • Marketing Automation

Sales force automation tools help companies with a sales force, whether large or small, to be on the same page. It makes it easier to create a cohesive sales unit and to sell as a team. It also can make it easier for the entire team to communicate wherever they might be, since they are all working off the cloud. The sales cloud makes it easy to get onto the system from nearly any device with an Internet connection, including mobile phones thanks to downloadable applications.

Another benefit of cloud services that some businesses might want to use is customer service and call center automation. They make it possible to integrate the system with social media, which can help to improve the success of a business’s customer service and relations department. It is possible with some companies to access the customer service part of their cloud system through their mobile devices as well as traditional computers. This means that it is easier for businesses to deal with their customer service no matter where they might be, so nothing gets out of hand.

Cloud Sherpas can offer help and advice in these areas as well as enterprise collaboration, email and calendar help, service automation, IT service management, and overall cloud integration.

Finding the right services and options, and really understanding as much about the cloud as possible is a key factor in knowing which direction to go. While you can certainly look at the various options on your own, it may be easier to locate exactly what services will work the best for you with a company such as Cloud Sherpas helping you.

Who Has Cloud Sherpas Helped?

Cloud Sherpas offers services for many different types of industries, including education, real estate, telecom, professional services, manufacturing, consumer electronics, retail and consumer items, and much more. They currently serve more than 5,000 businesses, and the number is growing. Some of the companies they’ve worked with include Sephora, Panasonic, and The Weather Channel. Even though the company has helped a number of large clients, they are still capable of helping those smaller businesses trying to navigate their options with the cloud.

What’s the Cost of Using the Company?

It’s important first to remember that Cloud Sherpas works as an advisory service and can help businesses such as yours understand more about which types of cloud services might be right. Many companies such as this are out there, and some are better than the others are. It is important to find companies that are trustworthy and that can offer honest information about your business rather than just telling you that you need to buy a certain service.

When it comes to the actual pricing for services and advice through the Cloud Sherpas, the costs will naturally vary. It will depend on the nature of the business and the types of services needed. By letting them analyze your company and help you determine what works the best for you, you can then come up with a price. Keep in mind that the price for their service is not necessarily part of the actual cloud service. Always make sure you understand just what the company is actually able to do for you and make sure that you agree with their pricing policy for the help they offer.

Any business considering using cloud technology will want to make sure that they are able to understand the various types of cloud service and options out there, as well as how each of those options could fit into their business. Whether they are trying to operate an ecommerce platform, or they need to find better solutions for their customer service, the cloud could hold the answer. While you might not need them, the advice and information they offer can be a great help to many.

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