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Orange County Colocation

Orange County Colocation
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orange county colocation

Orange County Colocation Pricing:*

1U, 1Amps 110v & 300GB transfer on a 100Mbps – $79/month

12U, 10Amps 110v & 50Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $349/month

22U, 20Amps 11v & 50Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $599/month

42U, 20Amps 11v & 50Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $799/month

* Custom price quotes are available, please contact us for more specifics.

Orange County colocation is a hot item these days of high tech growth and cloud computing. If your firm is seeking a data center colocation in Orange County, please give our service a try. QuoteColo offers FREE and FAST quotes from the best Orange County colocation data center providers. We have been in business over 10 years and have an extensive database of qualified Orange County data centers. Just call 888-400-5732 or email sales (at) to connect with a colocation consultant. We will source your direct quotes from the best Orange County colocation providers. With one call or email, you will be on your way to receiving FREE and FAST quotes!

Orange County is the third most populous county in the state of California. Created in 1889, Orang eCounty was given its name because its extensive orange groves abundant throughout the region. According to Wikipedia, at its peak in the early 1970s, Orange County had over 80,000 acres planted in citrus!

Today, Orange County offers a very diverse business economy. Attractions like Disneyland in Anaheim and Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park attract millions of tourists from all over the World. Along with tourism, Orange County boosts a very healthy high technology business environment. Large software companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Quest operate within Orange County. Orange County is also home to computer companies such as Western Digital and Toshiba as well as flat screen TV manufacturer Vizio.

QuoteColo offers OrangeCounty colocation services from a variety of data centers located in the regions. Below is a partial list of OrangeCounty colocation data centers:

Irvine Colocation

  • 17770 Cartwright Rd
  • 16842 Von Karman Ave.
  • 17222 Von Karman Ave.
  • 7 Mason
  • 2460 Main St.
  • 580 Wald
  • 8001 Irvine Center Dr.

Santa Ana Colocation

  • 2001 East Dyer Rd
  • 1400 South Grand Ave.
  • 1928 East Deere Ave.

Anaheim Colocation

  • 2441 La Palma
  • 300 South Harbor Blvd 

Tustin Colocation

  • 14531 Myford Rd.
  • 14452 Frankin Ave.

Orange County Colocation Pricing – What can you expect to pay? 

Several local and regional OrangeCounty colocation providers like NextMill and offer per U and partial rack space in ¼, 1/3 and ½ rack or secure cabinet increments. Per U pricings starts at $50-75 a month and partial rack pricing starts at $300 a month for a ¼ rack.

Larger Orange County Colocation such at SMH and Latisys prefer to only offer full cabinets and private cages. Full cabinets with redundant 20 amp power feeds with 10Mbps burstable to 100Mbps can be sourced for $1000+ a month. Private cage colocation pricing in OrangeCounty typically starts at $2000+ a month for a two rack cage and redundant power.

Several Orange County data centers also offer managed hosting and dedicated servers. If you are the type of client that is not interested in managing server hardware, these options may be your best bet. Orange County hosting facilities can provide the server(s) and manage your preferred operating system such as Windows, Linux or FreeBSD. Qualified Orange county colocation data centers can also layer on additional managed services such as firewalls, tape back up, and advanced storage.

Cloud hosting options are also very abundant in the Orange County area. If you are the type of client that would prefer to work with a local company versus an out of state cloud provider such as Rack Space or Amazon, you have plenty of options. Several Orange County hosting companies offer public, private and hybrid cloud hosting options. Public clouds are perfect for start ups looking for a cost-effective “pay as you go” hosted solution. Private clouds are better fit for the enterprise looking for a secure “single tenant” infrastructure that is designed to meet industry compliances such as HIPPA, SAS70, SSAE16 and PCI. Hybrid clouds accommodate clients looking to mix and match public and private cloud solutions or those needing to layer a cloud solution to an existing colocated or dedicated server.

If you need a hosted solution in Orange County, look no further! Use our FAST and FREE service to source direct quotes from the best Orange County colocation data centers. Simply call 888-400-5732 or submit your requirements on our easy submit form. You will receive several direct quotes within hours, not days!