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Arizona Data Center

Arizona Data Center
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Arizona Data Center


For businesses needing the services of an Arizona data center, they’re fortunate to have several options that can meet their needs. This type of solution demands quality and proper safeguarding procedures. QuoteColo is here to make sure that businesses can make the best decision possible in choosing an Arizona data center that best suits them. Not only will QuoteColo help in finding quality data centers in Arizona that provide the types of services like cloud hosting, expanded data center space or other services, they’ll also ensure that affordability is factored into choices for business as well.

Arizona is home to an active data center cluster in the Phoenix area. Additionally, to encourage the growth of the development of data centers in Arizona, the state has passed a package of incentives that offers tax breaks to assist colocation, multi-tenant facilities, and single-tenant sites. Data centers allow operators of data centers as well as qualified tenants receive an exemption for sales and use taxes on their data center equipment for up to 10 years. As you can see, Arizona is working to encourage the growth of this industry within the state, therefore making it easier for businesses to access the services that data centers offer.

While manufacturing and tourism continue to drive Arizona’s economy, many high-tech businesses have made the desert state their home. Telx, Phoenix NAP and IO are just a few of the top data centers available in Arizona.

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