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Antminer S19J Pro For Sale

Antminer S19J Pro For Sale
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Antminer S19J for sale

Antminer S19J Pro

Antminer is the brand of Bitmain ASIC and GPU mining hardware solutions.  The Antminer S19J  supports a mining hash rate of 90th/s unlike the Antminer S19 Pro which is (110/th).  With only 3050w of power consumption this Bitcoin ASIC S19j miner is the perfect solution to Bitcoin mining hardware.

With dimensions of 370 (h) x 290 (w)  x 195 (l) and a 75db noise level this bitcoin miner will operate from 5-35° C with all 4 cooling fans running.  Max humidity for the unit is 5-95% so even in Florida you can run this ASIC Bitcoin miner all day and night long.

The Antminer S19J Pro for sale (90/th) utilizes the SHA-256 algorithm for mining or mining pool allocation.

Antminer S19J Pro prices and inventory

Antminer S19J Price

Prices start from $7,988 a unit and when our quantities of in stock Antminer S19j are scarce that number will rise just like the rate of Bitcoin miner hosting.  Get yours today!

The Bitmain Antminer S19j will start delivery in June of 2021. Several Antminer S19j 90 and 100 terahash models will be available for delivery in 2021 and 2022.

Antminer S19J Pro Price

Unlike the S19 Pro 110Th miners, these units should be more readily accessible at a better price per terahash. These miners will ship from Malaysia so USA clients will not be responsible for the Trump import tax.

Antminer S19j Pro 100Th – available starting with June delivery dates, pricing starts at $11,999/unit.

Antminer S19j 90Th – available starting with June delivery dates, pricing starts at $9,999/unit.

Bitmain offered S19j 100Th annual contracts to many large clients and suppliers who could invest in $44m+. Once these miners are released, they will be priced based on supply/demand and the current price of Bitcoin.