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Turnkey Bitcoin Mining

Turnkey Bitcoin Mining
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Turnkey Bitcoin Mining

If you are looking to get into Bitcoin mining, there are several turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions available via our partner network. Clients can choose between fully managed mining, managed ASIC buy/host packages, 1MW+ fully turnkey mining containers and Turnkey Managed Colocation.

1) 1MW+ Turnkey Mining Containers – purchase a new mining container along with next generation Bitcoin miners. The containers can be located in safe and low cost electric geographic locations such as Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Calgary, Canada, etc. Locations and availability change often. Miner management plans available upon request as well.

Estimated Pricing for 1MW Turnkey Mining Container.

  • 1 MW Container holds approximately 300 next generation BTC miners and costs approximately $15,000.
  • 300 S19 Pro miners $2,850,000 (assuming $9,500/miner, these prices change often).
  • Monthly managed OPEX cost – $41,472 (300 miners x .06 cents x 3.2kw x 24 hours x 30 days/month).

2) Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining – instead of purchasing miners and hosting services, fully managed BTC mining offers guaranteed Bitcoin terahash for 36 months. Bitcoin is delivered daily to your BTC wallet. This 100% turnkey solution eliminates the need to find the “best” miner, mining pool and hosting service. Clients do not have to worry about hosting downtime, faulty/broken miners, warranty issues, etc. Up to 100,000 terahash fully managed packages are available.

Clients are responsible to pay the one time CapEx fee to reserve their terahash delivery. CapEx fees start at $42.95/Th with a minimum order quantity of 500Th. Once the terahash delivery starts, clients are also responsible for the monthly OpEx fee of $1.69/Th for 36 months. At today’s prices and mining difficulty, the minimum order 500Th package will cost a TOTAL of $55 to $75k (overall cost depends on delivery date) to earn an estimated 2 to 2.5 BTC after 36 months.

3) ASIC miner buy/host packages – for clients who desire to own miners for Bitcoin mining, we offer hosting suppliers that will you sell you a miner(s) and install them in their mining facility for a monthly fee. Clients can connect to the pool of their own choice and will have a direct connection to their miners. Some mining experience is helpful but not 100% necessary.

Buy/host packages offer new SHA 256 miners such as the Bitmain Antminer S19 along with monthly hosting from 8 cents kwh all in. One time miner prices change daily.

4) Turnkey Managed Colocation – client provides their own next generation miners and ships them to managed colocation facility. The host will install the miners and get the client connected. Host will provide remote hands and eyes services along with break/fix support if contracted.

Managed colocation pricing ranges from 7.5 to 9.9 cents kwh all in

Contact us to learn more about the above turnkey mining solutions.

About Bitcoin

You can buy it on the market or take the other road, bitcoin mining. It’s a serious venture with an attractive payback. It demands large setups of high performing computers, Bitcoin mining hosting and industrial grade electricity to solve the algorithms that validate blockchain transactions.

Turn-key Bitcoin Mining

As a global blockchain contractor, we offer turn-key solutions for scalable and profitable turnkey Bitcoin mining.   We offer mobile and data center Bitcoin mining container options for you to get started with Crypto and Bitcoin mining immediately.  We also offer managed Bitcoin mining solutions and miners for sale such as the Antminer L7 and the Bitmain Antminer S19 XP.  Mining builds and secures the blockchain, and brings us closer to the token economy that is coming.

What is Block Chain

Take a purchase, a contract, a service fee. Business on the blockchain becomes strings of incorruptible code shared once by millions of computers with no mediator, no center, and a new independent currency that’s impossible to forge, steal, or tamper with.


Turnkey Bitcoin Mining
Turnkey Bitcoin Mining


Turnkey Bitcoin Mining