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The Best IaaS Providers

Posted by QuoteColo on February 19, 2014

the best iaas providers

So you want to know who are the Best IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) vendors? Maybe you have been going back and forth between picking Rackspace or Amazon Web Services? Maybe you have been considering GoGrid or OpenStack as a top IaaS provider? Whatever you have been doing, in this quick blast we are going to name the top IaaS providers currently in operation and what sets them apart from the competition.

Amazon IaaS Web Services

Without question, Amazon Web Services are the big boys of the IaaS market. With over $1 billion in revenue, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides clients with private Cloud servers, hybrid Cloud deployments and all forms of Cloud hosting needs. Utilizing the VM Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) platform, AWS makes great use of Xen virtualization at a low cost to consumers. With a multitude of platforms, resource configurations, distros and operating systems along with great security compliance, in terms of IaaS, you really can’t go wrong with Amazon Web Services.

Who should use Amazon Web Services? Everyone and anyone. Whatever resource configuration and whatever the use (bitcoin mining hosting? Sure.), AWS is for the consumer in need of powerful and scalable IaaS deployments at an affordable cost.

Rackspace IaaS Cloud Services

Since going public in 2008, Rackspace has been noted by clients all around the globe as the Cloud and IaaS brand dedicated to fanatical support. As the brand has constantly grown, Rackspace has prided its IaaS and general offerings on the strength of their support. For the business that is looking for fanatical support, Rackspace provides many channels and outlets to resolve issues. Moreover, through using Xen and making the most of OpenStack, Rackspace is on the path to giving Amazon Web Services a run for their money.

Who should use Rackspace IaaS? Individuals and companies looking for excellent Cloud infrastructure matched by excellent customer support.

Verizon Terremark IaaS Solutions

Terremark IaaS supplies the market with mid-range prices for excellent enterprise Cloud services. Terremark IaaS services are sold in blocks, not single instances. This means consumers get more for their buck. Beyond anything else, Terremark has made its name by supplying the developer market with excellent infrastructures to test their applications on. Powered by VMWare, Verizon Terremark IaaS offers the full package – public, private and hybrid Cloud services.

Who should use Verizon Terremark IaaS? The consumer and business who understands that the level of data center solutions are hosted in is just as important as the IaaS web hosting solutions in use.

OpenStack IaaS Providers

If you attend a Cloud Computing Expo or Interop, it will become evident very quick that OpenStack is the darling platform of the Cloud world. Started in 2010 as a joint venture by Rackspace and NASA (yes, NASA), the OpenStack community continues to grow at a rapid pace. By using an open source platform, OpenStack allows vendors, consumers and developers to build personal IaaS platforms tailored to their needs. For this reasons, all applications hosted will never be connected to or locked into a single vendor. This means freedom.

Who should use OpenStack? Anyone and everyone with a knowledge of development or programming. Through open source coding, OpenStack has the backing of the online world via code contribution and the backing of major IT organizations.

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