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Managed Bitcoin Mining

Managed Bitcoin Mining
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Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining

Reap the investment rewards of Bitcoin mining without the operational obstacles and challenges of buying, operating and fixing ASIC miners. Our managed mining hosting partners offer 100% turnkey solutions for clients and institutions who want to mine Bitcoin without the day to day headaches of operating the miners and/or outsourcing them to a mining farm or self hosting. Unlike cloud mining, managed mining offers 100% uptime, pause periods along with a wealth of resources from seasoned Crypto mining experts with the sole purpose of providing clients with the most reliable and profitable mining solutions available on the market today.

What is Managed Bitcoin Mining?

Managed Bitcoin mining is a fast and easy way to immediately start Bitcoin mining without hardware and Bitcoin miner hosting.

Instead of buying and running ASIC miners to achieve a desired amount of terahash (unit measure of the speed of the miners), clients purchase terahash directly from a managed mining provider. Once set up, clients simply connect to their Bitcoin wallet to receive their daily earnings.

Advantages of Managed Bitcoin Mining

  • 100% Uptime guarantee for 36 months
  • Pricing from $47.95 to $84.95/Th
  • Monthly OPEX fee $1.69/Th
  • 10-15% Management fee based on volume
  • Start BTC mining ASAP (based on availability)
  • 24×7 managed support
  • Pause periods available
  • Insurance coverage
  • Market insights & ROI guidance
  • Tax & Legal guidance
  • USA based company

Example pricing for 500Th (prices and availability change often)
One time payment cost – $24,475 ($54.95/Th)
Monthly OPEX cost (36 months) – $845 ($1.69/Th)
Management Fee – 15%
Estimated earned BTC after Mgt Fee – 2 to 2.5 BTC

Example pricing for 4000Th (prices and availability change often)
One time payment cost – $211,800 ($52.95/Th)
Monthly OPEX cost (36 months) – $6,760 ($1.69/Th)
Management Fee – 12%
Estimated earned BTC after Mgt Fee – 16 to 20 BTC

Example pricing for 10,000Th (prices and availability change often)
One time payment cost – $499,500 ($49.95/Th)
Monthly OPEX cost (36 months) – $16,900 ($1.69/Th)
Management Fee – 10%
Estimated earned BTC after Mgt Fee – 40 to 50 BTC

Example pricing for 25,000Th (prices and availability change often)
One time payment cost – $1,198,750 ($47.95/Th)
Monthly OPEX cost (36 months) – $42,250 ($1.69/Th)
Management Fee – 8%
Estimated earned BTC after Mgt Fee – 100 to 125 BTC

Please contact us to receive the updated brochure, pricing availability and MOQ. Prices and availability change often. Email us at [email protected].


Sample past client ROI analysis below. The fully managed client below was mining for 10 months and at the close of November 2020, they had gained 82% back on their initial investment. As of December 2020, they recouped 100% of their initial investment and still have 26 months left of their term to generate additional profits and mine.

On December 18, if you bought $25,000 dollars worth of Bitcoin you would receive approximately 1.1 BTC. If you purchased a fully managed Bitcoin mining contract, you would earn approximately 6 to 7 BTC over 36 months of mining (assuming 1.5-2.0% mining difficulty adjustments).

managed Bitcoin mining roi analysis

Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining  versus Antminer S19 Pro buy/host option (prices and availability change often)

Fully Managed Mining – 1000Th

Total Upfront Cost: $39.95/Th ($39,950)

Running Cost Per Month: $1,690  ($1.69/Th & 0.8% Pool Fee assumed)

Uptime: 100%

Hosting Deposit Upfront: $0

Total Bitcoin Mined Over 36 Months: 5.8 – 6.2

Months to Breakeven: 8 – 10


Buy/Host S19 Pro 110Th – 9 units ($8,500/unit)

Total Upfront Cost: $77.27/Th ($76,500)

Running Cost Per Month: $1,300 ($0.06kWh & 2% Pool Fee assumed)

Uptime: Unknown

Hosting Deposit Upfront: $1,300 – $2,600

Total Bitcoin Mined Over 36 Months: 5.8 – 6.2

Months to Breakeven: 15 – 18


Managed Bitcoin Mining Versus Buying Miners & Running Them on Your Own

PICKING THE “BEST” MINER – Clients will need to decide which ASIC miner is the “best” with the most cost-effective TH/cost ratio. Once you decide on the quantity and model of the “best” ASIC miner, you will need to find a reputable supplier who can supply the miners within your expected timeframe. At the time of the writing (December 2020), the world’s most well known manufacturer of ASIC miners, Bitmain, was sold out of their top of line next generation SHA 256 miners (Antminer S19 & S19 Pro) until October 2020. At that point, you will need to find  a reputable ASIC reseller which is both challenging and time consuming in the Crypto business. The majority of SHA 256 miners ship from China and clients in North America are expected to pay customs fees, taxes and shipping expenses. Per unit miner pricing is typically higher when clients require immediate delivery. Potential shipping issues and delays are points that need to be considered as well.

A fully managed Bitcoin mining contract eliminates all of these potential buying obstacles. The managed provider has already secured the “best” miners from reputable suppliers and clients can start mining ASAP upon executing a mining contract.

DETERMINING WHERE TO PLUG THE MINERS IN  – Once you have secured a reputable supplier to source mining units, you will need to determine where to plug them in. One of the key factors in making an ROI in BTC mining is cheap electrical power. If you are lucky enough to have cheap power, you will need to set up the correct mining infrastructure at your home or place of business. If your electric costs are over 7 cents kwh (usd), you are better off considering an outsourced colocation mining farm. Colocation mining farms offer rack space, electricity, cooling and Internet for a monthly fee. The units will need to be shipped to the host and they will install them in their farm’s racks. With the rise and fall of BTC prices over the last few years, many mining farms have come and gone because of poor planning and bad management practices. Building your own mining environment or finding a reputable host company is a challenge that will need to be addressed before your new miners arrive.

Once again, a fully managed Bitcoin mining contract eliminates these hassles. Managed Bitcoin mining providers have already sourced the best mining farms and negotiated the cheapest electrical rates available. Clients are guaranteed 100% uptime with a fully managed mining contract.

FIXING MINERS, TROUBLE SHOOTING AND INSURANCE – Next generation ASIC mining units such as the Antminer S19 & S19 Pro require 220v power and ample ventilation. Miners run at top end speeds every minute of the day and it is inevitable that will need to repaired and maintained during their life cycle. It is your or the mining farm’s responsibility to fix and maintain the miners. Insurance and warranty issues will need to considerations as well.

Fully managed mining providers offer 100% uptime that is fully insured. Clients are guaranteed their contracted terahash on a daily basis for the life of the mining contract.

If you would like to learn more about fully managed mining contracts and pricing options, please connect with us directly. Minimum investment is $19,975 usd. $39.95/TH.