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What is SaaS Hosting, also known as Software as a Service Hosting?”]To put it simply, SaaS Hosting is a way of distributing software by hosting its applications on the Internet, often times through a cloud network. You may have heard of Software as a Service before and wondered if it’s something your company could benefit from. Contact the cloud experts at QuoteColo at 888-400-5732 for more information!
The 5 Ws of Software as a Service


Who is Software as a Service for?

Just about any company can benefit from using SaaS, though the type of software involved would depend on your individual company.

It’s an especially beneficial choice for companies looking to save money as it means not having to invest in the physical software or the licensing that comes with it. Instead, your company will generally be billed on a per month basis. SaaS can also be beneficial for companies with fluid employment. By not having to constantly buy more software as your company grows, you don’t have to worry as much about your bottom line.


What are the different types of Software as a Service?

There are actually only two types of SaaS, for the most part. The first is called hosted applications, which is the kind you receive through a server. The second type is network. In this configuration, software is accessed through a closed network. Both are very different in how they’re used and often their purposes. However, they still both provide very similar benefits.

We already addressed the money SaaS can save your company. However, SaaS can also save you time too. By having software available through the cloud, there’s no more needing to invest time into installation and configuration. Again, this can be very helpful if you have high turnover rates.

The time and money you can save with SaaS also speaks to its scalability. As it’s located remotely, generally in a cloud network, SaaS can be very easily scaled to meet your company’s ongoing needs. It can also be integrated with other SaaS models you’re hosting remotely as well.

SaaS also makes for much easier upgrades. Unlike with physical software, yours can always be upgraded automatically. Like the above benefits, this can save you money and time as the upgrades are simply installed in the cloud where all the users can access it.


Where can you find Software as a Service?

Just about anywhere. Because it’s not a physical product, you can generally access SaaS solutions through your company’s Internet connection and then install it or otherwise have it provided to your cloud network.

However, having so many options can make this important decision a daunting one. For that reason, you should contact QuoteColo today. We have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Tell us what you’re looking for in SaaS and we can help you find the right provider.


When does a company need Software as a Solution?

There’s never a bad time to begin taking advantage of Software as a Solution. But if you look back and see that constantly buying software or spending time having it installed and configured has hurt your company’s bottom line, it’s probably a good idea to start exploring SaaS.

Another good time to consider SaaS is if your company is about to hit a growth spurt. If you’re expecting to grow in the near future, that’s always a good thing. But you can quickly have your high hopes ruined if that means throwing unnecessary amounts of time and money at getting your staff up and running. SaaS can help cut down on both so your company can continue being competitive in its next phase.


Why take advantage of Software as a Service?

Besides the reasons listed above, there are countless more depending on the industry you’re in and the type of software you’re looking to use. However, no matter what the specifics, it’s important to realize that SaaS as a whole is the direction the industry is going. So your company can adapt now or be behind its competitors later.

If you have any more questions about Software as a Service, don’t hesitate to contact QuoteColo today. Our years of experience in this field are invaluable, but we’ll share them with you for free. You can reach us at (888) 400-5732 or submit one of our user-friendly forms. Either way, we’ll make sure you have the information you need within a few hours.