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Amsterdam Colocation

Amsterdam Colocation
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Amsterdam Colocation

Amsterdam colocation providers are packed within the city, giving local businesses a long list of options to meet their needs. While having too many choices is a great problem to have, it’s still a problem. QuoteColo has been assisting companies in finding the Amsterdam colocation services they need for over 15 years. Just some of the services we at QuoteColo offer are:

Free Company Matching — we’ll help your company find the best providers in the area for your colocation needs. Within 48 hours of speaking with us, we’ll have a list ready of potential candidates.

Free Consultation — Not only will we help you find the best provider, we’ll make sure you know exactly what you need from them. Colocation providers generally offer a number of services you may benefit from, but you’ll want to avoid paying for anything you don’t need.

Free Quotes — At QuoteColo, we understand you can’t plan for a company’s services, if you aren’t able to factor in how it will affect your budget. That’s why we’ll provide you with a list of quotes for all the companies we recommend as well.

Here are just some of the Amsterdam Colocation Facilities we can recommend:

  • Johan Huizingalaan 759
  • Geesinkweg 401 404, 1096
  • Stekkenbergweg 4
  • Archangelkade 1

Amsterdam is renowned the world over as being an unparalleled cultural hub. The city plays host to the Van Gogh museum, the Concertgebouw concert hall and over a hundred different festivals ever year. For technology savvy companies, Amsterdam is home to a massive Internet exchange and is great place to set up for companies looking low latency applications in the Netherlands.

The city is the economic heart of the Netherlands and is considered one of the best in all of Europe for international business. Amsterdam also has the world’s oldest stock exchange, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

All this international business makes for a rich supply of colocation services. QuoteColo can help you make the most of them. Call us today at 888- 400-5732 or fill out our convenient quick form. Your colocation services are just 48 hours away.